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Why you now really need a Google Plus page for your business …

You may not have realised it but the most popular search engine, Google, has made big changes over the past few weeks, the most significant being the integration of Google Plus (Google+) post into your everyday Google search results.

Why is this significant for a business? Well, in the past when you posted something to your business Facebook page, for example, the content wouldn’t appear in Google search results. Google+ now has the equivalent of the Facebook page where your brand or business can post content.  Google has announced that public posts will now be ‘indexed’ and if you’re logged into Google you’ll see content relating to your search from your circle of Google+ friends.

The only time social media posts have appeared in Google results before was when Tweets were appearing in real-time search results. That ended last year when Google decided not to renew their contract with Twitter. This recent development is a really clever move by Google that allows you and other people posting content on Google+ to affect (and potentially improve) your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings and thus get more visitors to your website just by simply posting content to Google+. Google is calling this “Search Plus Your World”.

Up until now, there wasn’t much desire (in our humble opinion!) for businesses and organisations to start posting content to Google+ as we are all busy enough trying to keep Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook up to date.  However, if your business relies on web traffic, this is a major reason to start looking into using Google+ as it signals another major shift in the way search engines might be changing; from only looking at the fixed pages of your business, to what you business is saying on the social web.

Will this mean that other social media sites like Facebook will open up its public posts to other search engines like Microsoft’s Bing (Facebook’s official search engine partner)? Let’s wait and see. If you want to find out more you can read this article on Search Plus Your World.

Creating a Google+ page for your business is a fairly straight forward affair but please feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance building a Google+ brand page or to find out more about getting the most from social media for your business.

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